keskiviikko 18. marraskuuta 2015

On a cloudy day....

 It´s end of October. And it´s time to spend time to remember all who have past away.  On the weekend it was warm and little bit cloudy. Some year we have had snow and we were skating on the sea. But now trees are making new leaves.....

We made sunday walking, wife and i with our dogs.This walking was almost 10 kilometers. We go to watch our boat to Harbour. There are still many boats on the water. And why not.... Warm, no wind and peace full weather. But our boat is sleeping like Snow White. Only 6 months and then is summer again.

Our Albatross / Vilkas is still forsale... Now you have time to buy boat witch is very good condition..... Somebody try to buy this boat to Spain.  "So if you accept this transaction, you should send me your info requested below if you have an account already with PayPal:-

Name :
PayPal Email :
Mobile Number
amount:          "

I know already this kind of things. I don´t send he anything what he ask. After this thing  there are many real people who are intrested this Albatross. Couple of those persons have visited on boat and thinking what they want to do. Ofcourse they have their old boat also forsale. And after that they can offer some money to us....

perjantai 30. lokakuuta 2015

Season 2015

"Beauty can afford everything, everything can be forgiven to a beautiful woman."  Moliere

Well, season 2015 was quite good. In April, we put our Flying Albatross / Vilkas to the sea. Couple days before first of May. Then our boat was ready for a season 2015. Espoon Venepalvelut made in April to the boat deck tek dek. And it is very good, no slippery at all and little bit warmer than without. Tek Dek is very pretty and it and feels under foot really nice. After this photo we get also really comfortable sun mattresses to deck. But summer var little bit windy and cold.....

In May we boating with wife's sister family a lot. We have several overnight trip to the nearby islands. In one of our´s first trip our Lagotto drops to the water. So we had wet and cold dog on board. Some other day, we had little bit different boating day. We visited falling deceased friend's ashes into the sea. This was his own will, to reach the last journey of his own boat. This boat is therefore our current boat. Well, in May we spent several nights on the boat. The heater kept the boat very warm.

In Jun we had many overnight trips. Some time we were day in sea and night in our harbour. Sauna and shower was great thing after cold and rainy day. In Jun we fixed also our solar system and new fridge. Now we have always fully batteries and cold drinks....

July comes always.... We had our "Big Sea Trip 3". it starts on a windy, rainy day. 3 weeks by the sea. First two days we boating with wifes sister family. Then comes on our friend with his boat to our trip. Now we have 3 boat´s and familys. weather was little bit windy but i doesn´t rain so much anymore. We have many days when it was warm. We Boating archipelagic sea and we saw many wonderful places, such as a Örö. Very nice harbour and nature. After that we viseted in Kasnas. Here was the spa which was a nice swim in warm water. 

keskiviikko 28. lokakuuta 2015

First words....

We are: husband and wife, four kids and two dogs ( Lagotto Romagnolo ). We living in Espoo, Finland. Boating is our family hobby. Our boat is Flying Albatross ( 1986 ) with Yanmar 77 hp motor.  This is our second traveling boat, first was old Nordic 81. We buy our Vilkas ( Albatros ) on first days of this year. My best friend own this boat before us.  So we have something to do in first part of year.

First we order new mattresses to bow deck. These mattresses made Couros / Elina Parpala. Okey it costs a little bit but it was worth it. Now we have place where wife and kids can enjoy sun. Because it shining here every day.... Then we think our dogs Mio and Mette. Our old deck was slippery when it was wet. That´s why we order new deck to our boat. We thinking real Teak-deck but it was too expensive, TekDek looks almost like real wood but it is cheaper and easier to use. And it it´s not slippery any more. There is lot of doing still. Some fixing every day.... Today i´m going to fix solar panels and GPS and chartplotter. I already own these systems but it still waiting for new place on board.

Here you can see our old and new boat side by side. This photo is taken on 2013, Långön / Inkoo. Safety harbor if it´s too windy weather. Now it was quiet place to spend evening with kids and friends. Temperature was almost 30 decrees. This was our first "huge sea trip", from Espoo to Hanko and back. it takes nine days. From these good moments it´s started our traveling by boats. In this summer its our third "huge sea trip". Now we make trip with wife sister and her family and other friends with their kids.